A Villainly Alphabet / A Dictionary of Defiance

And here it is…BOTH of my Villainous Alphabets, in ONE place!


A is for “armed”, and how this one fits:
It’s what the mob lacks, in a battle of wits.

B is for Broken, and oh, how they fear it
When they realize it doesn’t apply to your spirit.

C is for Caterwaul – the sound of keening
They make when you point out
Their points have no meaning

D is for Defiance, that weird #thoughtcrime
Of believing you should own your own mind.

E is for Entropy, always encreasing
But blocked by the Will, forever unceasing.

[F is for Flounce, which comes with a block
For when they won’t talk
(‘Cause their head’s made of rocks.”]

G is for gif, the last refuge
Of those whose ignorance is huge.

H is for “Holy”, that virtuous name
Which few things are – but most things claim.

I is for “innocent” – a word they find vile–
“If you were innocent, why would you be on trial?”

J is for jealousy, little green demon
(They want to be you, when they are dreamin’.)

K is for kisses, as in kissing goodbye
To all of those who want you to go live a lie.

L is for Laughter, that grand ridicule
Of anyone who wants to make you their tool.

M is for Monster – in each Dictionary
If they must fear you, make fear legendary.

N is for “No!” – the heart of the matter:
“I won’t do as you say! Leave me alone! Scatter!”

O is for Over – and we shed no sob
For the coming end of the reign of the mob

P is for Purgatory; that’s where you’ll stay
If you wait for others to clear your way.

Q is for quiet, which is what they demand
Let’s disappoint them, my merry band!

R is for Razor–specifically, Hanlon’s
For ignorance and malice are unending canyons

S is for Silence, and of this, be sure
Silence me once, shame on you
Silence me twice, and it’s war.

T is for Terminal – that’s the condition
Of those who think they can stop you by wishin’.

U is for Underground, where they must drive us
Because in the longterm, they will not survive us.

V is for Veritas – sometimes called “truth”
Best found in doses at least 80 proof.

W’s “Whatever” – a foolish dismissal
When they mistake you for a weed or thistle.

X is for NOTHING–just an erasure
But now you come back, cold, sharp, like a glacier

Y is for youth. Here’s a disconnection:
So many harm it in the name of protection.

Z is for Zenith, and this we will teach
May your grasp forever exceed your damn reach.

– “A Dictionary of Defiance”


A is for “AAAAARRRGGGHH!”, that answer to wishes
(The last sound to come from things nice and delicious.)

B is for Belly, giant and fat
Let’s fill it with children, and maybe a cat.

C is for Creature, full of venom and fizz
(It’s not your name, but they think it is.)

D is for Darkling, what we are inside
(It’s our kind of sparkling. We wear it with pride.)

E is for Evil, obviously;
Marked for easy retrieval in our memory.

F is for Fall, as in “Fall from grace”;
When the sky is a lie, the ground’s an embrace.

G is for Glamour–the magickal sort
Which kidnaps poor mortals to Titania’s court.

H is for “Horrors!” – only some of our making.
They pretend to hate them. (And they are faking.)

I is for imp. With dark minds and bright hair.
(Don’t confuse them with House Elves. Those things are a nightmare.)

J is for Joker, and this is why:
When the world is exploding, you laugh, or you die.

K is for kneeling – a thing that’s expected.
They hate us because it’s a thing we’ve rejected.

L is for Love. It’s all you need.
(To have your heart eaten. Take heed! Take heed!)

M is for Murder – but just of the soul
(What happens when you play Society’s role.)

N is for Never, and please be our witness–
That’s when we will finally consider forgiveness.

O is for Opening – of hearts and minds
To all of the misfits, lost toys, left-behinds.

P’s for Penumbral–on the outskirts of dream
Where we like to live, like cats seeking cream.

Q is for Quisling, the treacherous touch
(They know who we are, and why we see them as such.)

R’s for Revenge, as always it’s been
(Revenge is expected. What’s never known? WHEN.)

S is for Stolen, like hearts or like breath
Or like stealing your name–the same thing as Death.

T is for Truth – in quite short supply
(LEAST valued by those who most falsehoods, decry).

U is for Unholy, those who are ranked
Against automatic obedience to the sacrosanct.

V is for Villain, that glorious being
Who sees things that others would not dream of seeing.

W is for Warped, the strange kind of mind
That lets us seek out, and scheme–and find.

X is for Xenomorph. We can relate
To changing your form, for changing your fate.

Y is for Yelp, a cry of distress
When we prove orderlyworlds conceal chaotic mess.

Z is for Zero: What they say crime pays.
The first time we heard that? WE LAUGHED FOR DAYS.

Now we’ve completed our Abecedarian Villainy
This word of advice: Don’t tell ANYONE.
that you heard it.

-“A Villainly Alphabet”


~Jeff Mach


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