Sredni Vashtar: a small homage

(From the classic story “Sredni Vashtar”, by Saki”.

Sredni Vashtar, vengeance Lord
Can’t be cajoled. Can’t be ignored.
Acts only of his own accord.
Can only be supplicated, and implored,

Can’t be forced; no abjuration
will change his actions or his station.
Call on the Word that made Creation;
but it won’t reach its destination.

Sredni Vashtar is not vast.
Oftentimes, he is looked-past.
His present is humble, as his his past
He has no words, no spells to cast.

But Sredni Vashtar, if you are sincere
and in your worship, hold him dear;
if to your heart, you bring him near,
if to his worship you adhere…

Sredni is not of vengeance formed
His heart is not ravaged nor stormed
But Sredni won’t be ignored, or normed.
And to himself alone has he conformed.

Sredni is fierce, though not murderous;
He has no single word for us.
His tusks might seem absurd for us;
until the screams are heard for us.

I do not worship his silent fury.
Nor with offerings his favor curry.
But while the rest of the world is in useless flurry
I let this simple knowledge spur me:

Some would impose on you their will
Until your inner self is still.
Their secret hearts, without mercy, kill
Else be a slave to start, and die a slave still.

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