Wise Sayings

Stone walls do not a prison make. Unless they cheat on the municipal construction bid.

It’s better to be happy than to make someone else happy, assuming that person’s happiness depends primarily on the flavor of your liver.
Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you, if you’re purely delusional.
I’d rather be eaten by wolves.
It’s important to do more than just put out fires. It’s really helpful to steal fire from the Gods first. Unless you’re already a God or two, in which case, you got bigger problems.
If Mrs. Lovett served dumplings, she’d own the world’s largest fast food franchise.
If it’s not on fire, it’s probably not worth eating.
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Jeff Mach is an author, playwright, event creator, and certified Villain. You can always pick up his bestselling first novel, "There and NEVER, EVER BACK AGAIN"—or, indeed, his increasingly large selection of other peculiar books. If you'd like to talk more to Jeff, or if you're simply a Monstrous Creature yourself, stop by @darklordjournal on Twitter, or The Dark Lord Journal on Facebook.