The Aggressively Sentient Internet

And all it needed to create content was a seed.

People seem to fear that our self-driven cars, our phones which make it difficult NOT to locate us, the guidance of our entertainment by whatever the algorithm makes most visible…

..well, they seem to fear that these things will become sentient. We’ll have the Singularity, and machines will run everything. Some mutter, quite darkly, that they already have and already do.

I’m not sure how I’d feel about that, but it’s both less likely than my own concern, and, in my admittedly biased opinion, rather less of a worry to me.

I might, indeed, worry that machines, which have never known the joys and pains and ear-wagglings of physical bodies, might not understand human minds or wants or needs or souls.

But do not be afraid.

I truly believe that machines will serve us.

After all, it’s almost certainly a coincidence that shortly after most of the Internet switched over to customer service via chat…

…at the same time as it finally made us aware that its chatbots could mimic humans in a manner which would give Mr. Turing a stomachache, if he didn’t have bigger problems.

I’m not afraid of the machines taking over.

I’m really worried that they’re visibly gloating.

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