The Sabryna – A Swamp Witch Cocktail

It is little-known that I have been conducting experiments on certain specific cocktails.

I wanted to see if one could make a drinkable, desirable, peaty Laphroaig cocktail. With the help of an extraordinary bartender, I succeed, and “The Bloody Bullshot” came into this world, as a variant of the “Bullshot” from Ian Fleming’s story, “The Hildebrandt Rarity”. (You’ll find that recipe, and others, in “The Villainpunk Cookbook”. I’ve also posted a few recipes to the Aethernet; that’s one of them, if I recall correctly. You’re welcome to try it yourself; do let me know what happens. The management is not responsible for the consequences thereof.)

Now, ever since the advent of “Repo! The Genetic Opera”, I have been interested in a really good Zydrate formula. The challenge is actually that, as we know very little of the substance save its color, it’s far too tempting to simply make a blue drink. And that’s hardly new – even if the “Blue Hawaii” wasn’t a staple of Tiki Bars in the 1950s, we’d have Romulan Ale and the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster just from fandom. (I recently attended the wedding of Mr. James Gallagher and the now-Mrs. Gallagher, and I found out that the latter is actually green. Looked like a glass of slightly watery Pernod; hit like Jack Dempsey. It’s just Midori, sour mix, and some sort of what is, I infer, some sort of black magic. But I digress.)

Zydrate, in and of itself, is a fascinating drug. Cordwainer Smith’s “Stroon” granted semi-immortality. Aldous Huxley’s “Soma” granted a mindless bliss, and LeGuin’s somewhat-less-defined “Soma” granted happiness at (almost) no price, Zydrate is known for its qualities of being delivered in a little glass vial, and for inducing a blissful state wherein “you don’t feel nothin’ at all”.

I can’t make the same guarantee of this version. But at least, unlike its movie counterpart, this cocktail isn’t illegal.

Not as far as you know, anyway.

It’s said that “Sabryna” is a swamp-witch of inestimable abilities. This is probably true. The drink below might sound peculiar; that’s because it is:

Peach schnapps. (Yes, peach. I realize there’s blue schnapps, but why would you do that to yourself?)
St. Germaine
Botanical Gin
Blue Curacao

Sour gummy worm. (This is for flavor, not looks. It compliments the overall sweetness of this beverage. A purist might serve gummy worms to the side of the thing, rather than dropping it into the potion. That encourages consumption and helps your willing victim understand that the food item is there for their happiness, not to add a ‘swamp’ look.)

1. Pour out generous servings of everything. Put a bunch into the drink. If it’s not sweet enough, add schnapps and St. Germaine. Too sweet? Add Gin.

2. Stir, stir, stir, stir.

3. Add gummy worms!

Eat, drink, and be intoxicated as a Faerie who discovered a whiskey tree.


Enjoy, friends!

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