Such strangely simple spells for madness

Know what research suggests?

“Psychologist show that being unfriended on social media is the ultimate act of passive-aggressive rejection, and just like in the physical world, the closer you are to the person, the worse it feels.”


means that, for the hundred thoustandth time…

this shit is not coincidence.

Yes. That unfriending was a hardcore act of aggression.

And she was fucking texting you at the time!!!! She could have fucking TOLD YOU.

Yeah, Steve split. As he should have. And you know what? Who gives a fluck if Bellatrix split or is just scamming us?

She doesn’t deserve us. And the only reason we feel this way is because we’re impoverished.

We won’t let ourselves be impoverished again.

(“Bellatrix”, chapter I.)

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