A Note Towards Magical Thinking

Moom the Mage gave the kind of sigh with which Plato, had he spent less time drinking, might have offered up every fifteen minutes or so. Mume resolved to be more like Plato and much, much less like Moom.

“But, Your Moomness”, said one of the dumber students, whose name was, ironically, Lord, “surely if Magic comes from the Will, then wishing IS being.”

Mume managed to keep his eyes from rolling into the back of his head by remembering just how difficult to clean that area was.

“The Will is without form,” he noted, “and to give it physical form, we need to take actions in the physical world if we want to draw the spiritual to this plane. Then Magick cannot happen purely by wishing, without work on this plane as well.”

“I don’t understand,” said Lord.

“Think of it this way,” Mune replied. “I’m sure you WISH your spell wasn’t about to go awry and turn you into a paperclip.”

“…”, said the paperclip.

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