Dare To Dream: A Cthulhu Cultist’s Aspiration

Remember, Lovecraftian cultists of the Great Old Ones and the Elder Gods have hopes and dreams, just like everybody else.

Okay, perhaps they’re not precisely like those of everybody else.

There was a pamphlet going around when I was in college, explaining that it was logical to join a Cthulhu cult because you could hope for the most positive future possible in a world where Mankind was merely a meaningless speck on the face of the planet: the idea that when they came forth from the various Places which currently contain them, they would eat you first, which was about as close to mercy as one might expect.

That’s silly. We worshippers of the Unnamable Beings aren’t moved by anything so base as a reward. We merely wish to return the Universe to its natural owners.

If you’d like, feel free to hear this in the form of a Broadway showtune.  Doesn’t every musical have a song about daring to dream?

Well, this is my dream, and oh, I dare.


I Wait, Dreaming

All I ever wanted was my chance
All I ever wanted was my shot
To burn the planet earth
And serve it piping hot
To the Elder Gods.

Is it too much for me to want?
Is it just too much to demand?
That terrible beings take us
In their misshapen hands.
And crush us into the sod?

Some say you should never dare to wish
Some say you should never dream at all
I just want to offer up the world on a dish
And watch the cities steam and fall:

Dare to dream! Dare to dream!
And never mind all those who disbelieve.
They all will die in pain and no one will grieve
Because we’ll all be dead!

O, I have a little song inside my heart
A strange tune which drives out hope and mind
I want to sing it loudly from the rooftops
For the beings who have dined
Upon our heads.

Some say you should never dare to wish
Some say that your dreams can’t be made real
I just want to offer up the world on a dish
Until everything is darkling and surreal:

Some days I just want to give up
Some days I want to give in to despair
But I await the day I will look out my window
And nothing will be there
For the Old Ones have returned

Perhaps someone out there knows the secret
In whose search my life has been employed
And I will never give up on my hopes..
Of seeing everything destroyed
Then succumbing to the madness I have earned.

-Jeff Mach


I wrote a book. There’s a lot of philosophy, and a certain amount of bitter humor, and every damn word of it is true. It’s called “There and NEVER, EVER BACK AGAIN: Diary of a Dark Lord”, and it lives over here on Amazon.

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