Bacon Sonnet

These are, as John Lennon said, “strange days, indeed!”
So I thought I’d take a break from some of the longer pieces and give you a quick ode to Bacon.


If there’s one thing about which I am certain
And about which I could never be mistaken
Lock the doors and close every curtain
And leave me here to eat all the bacon.

Bacon has a sound that’s like no other sizzling
Whether fried in a pan or on a hot grill
Woe betide the monster or quisling
Who might separate me from my Bacon-Ville.

Some love bacon best when it’s very crunchy
And some love it best when it can be chewed
Of all the things one might find munchy
None match a beautiful bacon interlude.

Love comes and goes, like the Equinox Vernal
But that doesn’t matter; Bacon is eternal.


~Jeff Mach


My name is Jeff Mach (“Dark Lord” is optional) and I build communities, put on events, and make stories come into being. I also tweet a lot over @darklordjournal.

I write books. You should read them!

I put on a convention for Villains every February.

I created a Figmental Circus. It’s happening this June. You should go!


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“There and NEVER, EVER BACK AGAIN: Diary of a Dark Lord” is the first novel by Jeff Mach, playwright, event creator, and certified Villain. If you'd like to meet Jeff Mach, or if you're simply a Monstrous Creature yourself, you should come to Jeff's new event, Evil Expo.

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