A Vaguely Menacing Steampunk Alphabet – F To K

I bet you’re thinking, “If the Dark Lord is doing a strange Steampunk alphabet in honor of Gilt and Fanfare, it should probably start with “A-E”.

Or at least, I, for one, am thinking that. But I can’t find those pages right now. So this is what you get.

F –

Behold the Forest,
the home of Nymphs and Dryads
And their strange and genteel marriages,
And multifarious triads.

G –

Now Greed is not limited
To misers Neo-Victorian
But without them, how would we get the treasure vaults
To cast half of our stories in?

Greed, O Greed, thou art Good
Your lack would be sorely missed
And we’d no longer get to be sadistic
Towards Oliver Twist.

H –

H is for Heroes, and
The challenges which flummox ’em
Heroes? You can keep ’em all.
‘Cause none of us can stomach ’em.

I –

I is a puzzle; who am I?
A simple story-winder.

Chase me not, for long you’d regret
Being the story-finder.

J –

For Pirates, “J” is for Jolly-Boat
A name slightly mis-tuned
For it’s the boat they put you in
When you’re being marooned.

K –

K is for Knowledge,
Which you’re about to have lacked
Because what ever ending once was here
With a my writerly blade, I’ve fiercely hacked.

Good luck!

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