Wishing Welt

If I could make wishes come true, I wouldn’t live in a well.
If I couldn’t make wishes come true, I might live in a well and pass on the idea that wishes might come true

if you throw a few coins into the water.

Making wishes come true is a matter of magic. Making people pay you when they want to wish,

that’s marketing.

(or at least, it’s a certain kind of marketing.)

If you could grant wishes, you’d have an incentive to make  yourself difficult to find. Granting wishes can’t be easy

(it’s a whole lot harder than denying wishes, for one thing)
–and you’d want to conserve your resources.

On the other hand,if all you wanted was the gesture, the opportunity for people to wish,
then all you need to do is convince themto spend their money on the goal of making things appear without effort–

it’s unlikely, but it’s such an attractive prospect, compared to the effort of doing things.
So you need to promote the rumour that throwing a shiny or two into the water might just grant one’s desires.
And you need to spread it as far and wide as possible.

So it’s important to send forth elves, magic, whispers, curses, and geotargeted mobile hypertargeted advertising

to make sure people believe in the satisfying feel of the coin in your hand, the sweet note of the drop into the water, the power of pure wish

and that they stop trying things that are bad for business,

like effort,



more effort.

In this way, you can get a lot of wishers,

and if very little gets done, why worry?

You’re at the bottom of a well. The outside world can go to Hell.

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