Among the primary goals of the Technocracy is the general avoidance of the existence of a Technocracy.

One might think this would be difficult to merge with the Technocracy’s boundless desire for recognition and approval, its desire to be the first among inequals by pouring itself into the shape of organizations which are similar to other corporate and governmental entities–just better.

But if you offer wealth, status, power, more power, and some extra power, you can employ as many of the humanistic sciences

(or pseudosciences)

as you want.

If you find a rapidly-changing culture, amidst even more rapidly-changing technology, and people don’t even notice the technological changes except as incremental annoyances and minor improvements, you’re probably under control.

If Clarke is right, and any sufficiently powerful technology is indistinguishable from magic, any sufficiently powerful technology can create magical thinking, such that we stop analyzing the equipment, the gear, the machines, the mechanical intelligence which runs most of our lives.

I’m sure that hasn’t happened to you.

Especially if you’re not reading this online.

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