The Tin Man’s Lament

I’m sure that someone out there is well-acquainted with the details of the love affair between Dorothy and the Tin Man.

But, as usual, all I get to know is his breakup song.

That was the dirtiest
Of all the dirty tricks
I’m gonna kneel down and kiss
Every last one of these Yellow Bricks.

I’ll leave the Scarecrow home
To put out all the fires
And turn my back
On these emerald spires.

My body is only tin;
For a heart, I had no use.
Your body is flesh and blood—
What’s your damn excuse?

Maybe you’ve a magnet
Where a heart should rest
I was pulled to you
Like a man possessed

But I’m no coward lion
To hide behind a roar
Ain’t no little dog
For your small arms to store.

My body is made of tin;
I guess my heart came loose.
Your body is flesh and blood—
What’s your damn excuse?

Maybe the Wicked Witch
Could be reconstituted
She had a flag I now
Wish I had saluted.

Bright Yellow Road!
Blessed cobble street!
Carry me ever-further
Out from under her ruby feet.

My body is made of tin,
With my heart I’ll make no truce.
Your body is flesh and blood;

You got no damn excuse.
You got no damn excuse.
You got no damn excuse.

~Jeff Mach
(for the Fae girl.)

I don’t like breakups, any more than anyone else does.
But I find that I keep most of my breakup songs.
It’s seldom that I wrote love songs, and even more seldom that I keep those songs.

But I’ve kept most of my breakup songs.

There’s a moral in that somewhere.

I’m lucky. Two years ago, I had a breakup with most of my world. I think those who initiated it hoped I’d never write another thing.

They really, really didn’t know me.

I have a lifetime of songs in me now. Do stay tuned.

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