The Terrible Circus Oath


We know there are certain persons for whom nothing can be a truly secret experience without a bloodcurdling initiation.

And we hate to deny anyone anything. But we’re also members of the Circus, all of us—everyone who walks through our doors and into our tent with the intention of creating a little more joy and making the world a little bit more weird, everyone is with us. We are a brotherhood of outcasts; we don’t always agree, but we seldom actually find it desirable to slay someone who exposes even our greatest secret.

Whatever that may be.

But there are those for whom something is not truly real unless there is an initiation, for whom there is no true beginning without vows and forewswearings.

Therefore we bring you… THE TERRIBLE AND SECRET OATH

We, the assembled, who shall remain nameless because we understand the meaning of the word “secret”, do hereby begin this Rite of Initiation.

We call on the spirits of greasepaint to change our faces from those of audience to those of carnies.

We call on the breath of Autumn to remind us that Change comes, and though some winds may chill us, they also remind us of the mysteries which rustle against every branch, wait behind every crack and every window or mirror.

We call on the world of brass and clockwork for the ability to bring new forms into the Tellurian, not simply mass-produced everything.

We call on the tricksters to fire inspiration into our latest acts, we call on the hours of sweat and preparation, we call on the Muses to guide us as we juggle, swing, dazzle, bewilder, bemuse, re-use, un-lose, and reinvent every night.

It isn’t always easy…in fact, it isn’t USUALLY easy. But we persevere. Fear? Pain? Hunger? Those are real, and still we continue. Still we put on the makeup and let the lights strike us through the throat, and we do what we can, because if we didn’t, who would?

No matter how difficult, we persevere.




Jeff Mach Written by:

Jeff Mach is an author, playwright, event creator, and certified Villain. You can always pick up his bestselling first novel, "There and NEVER, EVER BACK AGAIN"—or, indeed, his increasingly large selection of other peculiar books. If you'd like to talk more to Jeff, or if you're simply a Monstrous Creature yourself, stop by @darklordjournal on Twitter, or The Dark Lord Journal on Facebook.