The Difference EnGin – A Cyberpunk Cocktail

Mach’s 4th Law: Any sufficiently advanced Villainpunk is indistinguishable from what people seem to believe is real life.

(From “The Villainpunk Cookbook”)

‘The Difference EnGine’ – first a machine, then a book, and now a cocktail…or five or six cocktails, if you wish; we won’t tell…. tastes best when you shake it like you’re trying to produce steam by shake power alone, or trying to escape a future megacorp-surveillance dystopia via primitive but effective energy transference. We also recommend that you infuse it with nanite microchips which follow the drinker around so as to sell one’s private data to large corporations, for that proper Cyberpunk touch.

2 oz lime flavored gin (or a really well-muddled gin-infused lime)

3/4 oz triple sec (unless you live in one of the realities which has octuple sec, in which case, strain out the tentacles and pour the hell out of the thing)

the freshly squeezed juice of 1 lemon

1 dash of orange bitters

1 dash of whatever other flavor or color of bitterness you’re feeling right now.

One shot of Amaretto. We know. It drops a smoky-strange color into the beverage. But the Future can be a bitter time; you deserve a little sweetness in your life.

We also recommend those non-ice cooling cubes which chill a beverage without melting water into it. Myself, I don’t mind the slow invasion of water, but I’m old-school. Besides, most of those cubes are made of the perfect ingredient…silicon. You might do a hybrid (old-school and new-school) of silicon cooling blocks, and the aforementioned ice. This way, the next part becomes more destructive.

Place all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with a generous amount of ice.. Shake, shake, shake this baby till the liquid is filled with teeny, tiny shards of broken ice.. Congratulations, you’ve now earned one cardio unit for the week! Celebrate by straining the cocktail into a martini glass.. Serve immediately and savor slowly. You’ve got a lot of horrifying future to wait out.


(Originator of all the best parts of this: The Caranator.)
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