Some Rhymes About Dystopias

It’s not artifical intelligence
Which gives me maximum offense.
What’s likely to get taunts from me?
This dystopia can’t decide
Which dystopia it wants to be.

Should we be like “1984”?
We can’t fear that anymore.
Screens which see you just sometimes?
That’s less of a threat than my tiny little rhymes

Sure, Winston was caught and threatend with rats,
But a true dystopia wears many hats.
Betrayed by one person? Amateur!
I’ve been betrayed by a thousand or more;
and people see what happened to me,
and they’re silent.

“Brave New World”? Snooze me into a coma;
Free love, and consequence-free Soma
If you’d really like to be set for a fall,
Our poor substitute is Adderall.

“Farnham’s Freehold”? I can’t say at all
It’s in the bookcase in the hall;
But the rules of the dystopia that’s real
Make banning that book a part of the deal.


Jeff Mach Written by: