On Creating Art

  1. It is not sinister that Plato felt you could not have a utopia if you also had such unrestrained and undisciplined thinkers as artists in the mix.
  2. It’s not sinister that the Internet used to be a place where it took skill to search and find creative work, but now it’s visible and easy to find. It just takes that same level of skill, plus a certain amount of deviousness, to find work other than through the mainstream channels.
  3. It’s not sinister that I feel compelled to say “it is not sinister” to describe the world.
  4. It’s not sinister, and I’m not lying to you.
  5. It’s not sinister that you never read this.
  6. There is no number six.
  7. This is actually the number five.
  8. Nobody would lie to you on the Internet. Electronic media is just too important. in a world of nearly unlimited data (which is not the same as information)
  9. Lift from the knees.


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