Crossroads Thoughts: A Sonnet for Hekate

I have always thought that Shakespeare was unkind to Hekate. He speaks of her as a Goddess of Witches, which is not untrue, but much more than that, she is the Goddess of Possibilities. Specifically, her domain is the Crossroads, the interstitial space, the moment of choice, the instant when is meets might-be.

I wrote this in dedication to someone who proved worthy of no poems. And so, beloved reader, I re-dedicate it to you:


Hekate, thou for whom the Willow bends
Whose eyes no trace of inner work betray
To whom each crossroad thought and prayer descends,
Whose will, no other’s will might unbid sway;

Your virtues I would thricefold speak in praise,
That I might shine your stellar diadem
Your Labyrinth is built of all our days;
Our empires? Yours, the loft and fall of them.

Though Dragons pull your carriage, cool and swift
May it be yet our backs which give it lift.

~Jeff Mach

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