Coyote Starthief

Coyote climbed up the cliff of an evening,
hid behind a shadow of the moon,
stretched arms long,
surprised a star.

He snatched it,
pulled it from its place,
leapt back to earth, howling.

It seared
his hands, stung
his palms,
singed his fur.

He dropped it —

and the star fled home.

Coyote soaked his paws
in cold water; for weeks
his fingers curled
in pain.

Fire-stealer, why
yearn for things
not meant
to belong
to you?

Grandfather Crow
would say:

Tonight, Coyote climbs the cliff
of the evening

(his hands itch for blisters.)

~Jeff Mach


I write about Coyote a lot.

I’m probably going to keep doing that.

My book, “Diary of a Dark Lord”, is now on Audible.

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