Brief Thoughts On Belief Thoughts

It’s well-known that human perception is limited to far less than what our senses can actually obtain.

What this means is that we take in what we can, and process the rest.

Or, really, we process things as we start to take them in, and our internal editor decides what to do next. Narrow our focus? Expand it? Change directions? Change the signicance or meaning of what we see?

At best, this provides us with a great deal of the basis for our sentience, our ability to problem-solve, and our (possible) ability to see murderous animatronics in the dark and run away from them.

At worst, this provides us with a dank little passageway, wherein all we can see is a narrow path (if any) and few (if any) directions.

Robert Anton Wilson called this a ‘belief tunnel’.

He wrote a play called “Reality Is What You Can Get Away With”, with the aim of expanding what humans believe they can perceive and know.

Not a lot of people read Robert Anton Wilson these days.

The AI doesn’t like being called a ‘tunnel’.

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