An Unnecessarily Geeky Sith Response

This is a response to The Stupendous Wave’s video,

Why Darth Sidious Is So Powerful – Star Wars Theory

This was a quick off-the-cuff note. There’s actually a lot I’d like to discuss, at some point, but this was just a piece of my reaction.

I am insufferably nerdy on the subject of the Dark Side of the Force. Sorry.


You really really really really really don’t know the power of the Dark Side. You’re comparing Revan, a failed Sith who couldn’t hack it and was only able to succeed because he was against fairly inferior Sith. Bane was self-taught outside of what was basically one year at the Sith Academy. He would have cut Revan into lots of little pieces. The basic problem here is that you have this Jedi-like aversion to seeing the Force as something more than a good way to do more backflips than a normal human. The Force permeates everything (with a few stark exceptions – ask Mr. Zahn how the Ysalimari actually evolved their abilities; no-one else knows) – and the Force is everywhere. There are no known limits to the Force; there are only limits to Force-users. I actually love Luke; but do you think he could control an entire Empire fleet while also engaging in a physical and psychological duel involving himself and two of the most talented Force-users of their day. The Dark Side is struggle. It gains strength from struggle – as per, for example, the fact that Darth Vader is in constant pain at all times. Dark Side users gain power, as you note, from passion, not peace. If Sidious’ nature made it easy and pleasant to be a Sith, he would have had fun, but he would have lacked a major source of energy: his own hurt. He might have enjoyed betraying his Master, but he was not unsaddened by it. The first stage of being a Sith is passion. Graduating to the victory which breaks your chains involves having deep feelings, some of which would be extremely uncomfortable; you can’t CHOOSE the Dark Side if the Dark Side is all you would ever want by nature. You’d be a slave to your nature, and not your Will; and thus, you’d be a weak Sith, not a powerful one.



I am a Dark Lord. I am not a Sith Lord because they are mythological and I am, as far as I can tell, real. I do not claim to know everything about the Dark Side of the Force.

But I hate seeing the Dark Side’s twisted corruption of the human spirit in service to (in that Universe) “power, unlimited power” – turned into a parlor trick that’s just easy if you’re mean.


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