A Guide To Day-Drinking In 2020

(Note: While, near the end of my marriage, I found myself matching my husband drink-for-drink – so that, on a night out, we’d have five or six drinks, say – I’m actually quite careful about drinking. The satire below is largely for parodic effect. Alcohol is not a solution to 2020.

Not unless you mix it with fire, anyway.)

5. Remember, as long as it’s a brunch-style cocktail, it’s perfectly okay to have it in the morning. Mimosas? No problem! (But watch the calories and sugar – that’s a hangover recipe right there.) Myself, I prefer a gin Bloody Mary, made with Spicy V-8. It’s full of the vitamins you need to get through your day. It’s basically health food, and it’s important to stay healthy in complicated times.

4. Beware one of the prime perils of Day Drinking: If you drink too much during the day, you might run out of alcohol in the cold dark watches of the Night. Don’t let this happen to you.

3. Alcohol actually creates more problems than it solves. On the other hand, many of the problems it creates are a great deal more fun than the problems you’re trying to avoid. I mean, obviously, avoid operating a damn motor vehicle; but obviously you should tweet more. Try to be as controversial as possible by saying things like, “I don’t necessarily hate everything about my country” or “Sometimes, the other side has some sensible ideas,” or even, “It is possible that some members of some political parties are not actually evil reptile monsters cleverly disguising themselves by wearing human-like faces”. You could always wake up to find yourself canceled, and then the fun really starts!

2. Monitor your alcohol intake. The correct parameters are: drink until the news doesn’t make you angry any more, but don’t keep drinking to the point where the news starts to make sense. That’s just a recipe for alcohol poisoning.

1. Do what I do: drink to absent friends, and present enemies. That way, you’ll never run out of reasons to take shots.

Jeff Mach


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