A Counterspell Against Negation

I, and those who stand with me,
build this working out of the following elements:


motivator, warning, spur of adrenaline,
sometimes friend,
I call you.

They have attempted to unwrite my name,

and they succeed.

I didn’t give myself this name;

it came from my family,

my former religion,

an interpretation of what some overworked customs official thought might spell my last name.

My name is the same,

but its meaning is up to me.

And only up to me, really;

there are enough people out there who’d love to tell you what I stand for, and while it’s sometimes hilariously wrong,

it’s not exactly risorial.

So it’s time for me to write my name,

it’s been time,

beyond time.


my name is

(You’ll find out.)

(Soon after I do, I think.)

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