Who Controls You?

I’m a character. I’m not Jeff Mach. I’m just a character who sounds like him, and I’d like to talk about hating your parents.

Young people hate parents for a lot of reasons–perceived mismatches over wants and needs, hormonal fury, basic clashes between people who are close to each other.

But the protagonist of this story hates his parents because they lie a lot.

Do some of you know what that feels like?

I’m sorry, if so.

The Torah tells you to “honor” your mother and father. And I do appreciate having been born.

They might have tried not to make the rest of my life a misery, but…

I’m a writer. Misery is good comedy material.

So what the heck? Joe and Joan Mach are bad parents, but that’s in my past. I have words, friends, satisfying work, and love.

I’m fortunate, though. Do you have parents who treat you worse than shit?

Same, friend. Same.

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