The Wishing Mistranslation

People continue to be angry, even resentful, that they’ve been misspelling ‘wishful’ all this time. It ought to have been ‘vengeful’.

Sure, the Kali Yuga has to be wished into existence.

Sure, it was a wish that caused the waves to swallow Atlantis

Sure, dead Cthulhu waits in his house at R’lyeh, dreaming and wishing.

But those are just symptoms. They’re not why wishes are horrifying.

Wishes are clearly intelligent; and wishes clearly hate us.

Sometimes they hold back. Sometimes they channel themselves through Djinn, who are known to hate humankind. (And anyone who quips that they’ve hated us since Solomon first imprisoned them has never slept, as Solomon did, in tents, in the pre-technological desert, for hundreds of days, hearing the whispering-that-was-almost-but-not-truly-wind, the eerie, nature-mimicking hatred that is the speech of Djinnkind.)



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