My statement on consent, allegations, and so-called “predatory” actions

Jeff Mach: My statement on allegations and consent

On January 23rd, 2018, I learned for the first time of a collection of accusations against me. In a single day, allegations that I was a predator who took advantage of people through my business dealings were posted in a coordinated pattern across multiple social media platforms.

I have stayed silent for over 10 months. Some of that was because of legal advice but mostly because I wanted the people who felt I had hurt them to have their say. After much introspection, I am now ready to make the following statement.

First and foremost: I have a sincere desire to make things right by anyone who honestly feels I have hurt them. I continue to urge you to contact me or a mutual friend (as nearly all of those who spoke up are people with whom I have had long-held relationships)so we can enter into a dialogue in the hopes that it might lead to healing. Wherever the path to healing begins, I am present and ready to begin.

Discussing & defending one’s self in this type of situation is extremely difficult. I do not want to minimize anyone’s feelings but I must set the record straight so I can move on with my life.

Simply put, the narrative of the attack was:

  1. Jeff Mach is allegedly a predator
  2. Therefore, he should not be allowed to continue to be part of our community
  3. Therefore, he should give up his businesses, and preferably give them to us, his accusers.

The majority of my allegations come from:

  1. My business competitors
  2. Disgruntled Ex-Staff
  3. Past intimate partners

The goal of the attack was not to have me address any errors or problems,there has never been any attempt at communication, or mediation, and most certainly no attempt to come to any sort of resolution.


  • I have not committed nor even been accused of sexual assault
  • There have been no legal complaints brought against me
  • There have been no lawsuits brought against me

Just a continuous pounding attack professing how terrible I am, with the insistence that anyone who questions it must be aiding a monster, and is, therefore, a monster themselves.

I have spent the last 25 years serving my community and demonstrating my deep commitment to consent and empowerment. Literally thousands of people who have attended my events and interacted with me over the years can attest to this. I have, and always will try to create a better environment for everyone.

Which is why these tactics have been very successful.

Nothing could be more upsetting to me than to be accused of the very thing I tried to fight against for 25 years.

I am especially disgusted that people whom I have actually hurt in some wayhave been used to further an obviously calculated smear campaign that was created to destroy my business and allow others to profit from that situation.

So disgusted and so upset that, against legal and other advice, I willingly handed over my life’s work to my accusers.

I legally gave all control & ownership of my businesses over to others, which included the Steampunk World’s Fair. For reasons of their own, they chose to cancel The Steampunk World’s Fair, even though they were aware that there was no money to issue refunds.

  • I did NOT cancel The Steampunk World’s Fair.
  • I did NOT have the ability to cancel it as I no longer owned it at that time.

Although I have no legal responsibility to do so,  I am taking legal action that will hopefully, finally, permit those wronged by the people who destroyed SPWF to gain back at least some of what they lost. It is my goal to find some way to see that those people are helped, that their pain and difficulties are met with attempts at compensation.

I am not perfect, like everyone I have made mistakes. I will continue to make mistakes, but I will also continue to learn from my mistakes and grow as a person.

Again, I will always be sorry for anyone I have hurt, knowingly or unknowingly. But I also know that the angry factions which worked to take me down will not accept apologies; they never wanted to listen or talk, just to isolate me, leaving me in the dark, then emerging all at once in a coordinated attack.

My name is Jeff Mach. I have spent my adult life serving the community. I am here to talk and I am here to listen; but I will not vanish out of existence. I am not a monster. And I never have been.