Being Told To Go To Hell

So, for the record, this is what happens when enough people tell me to go to Hell:

Most people are quite unaware of the workings of Magic. (For example, I recently ran into someone who said she constantly put ‘love and light’ out into the Universe. Now, putting enough Light into the world will start erasing shadows. And since it’s a human doing it, this light will have an affinity for human shadows. If this person truly keeps up said practice on a daily basis, I’d estimate that she erases about three shadows a year. Once your shadow is erased, of course, your soul is destroyed, and you become a monstrous creature, caring not whether you destroy friend or foe, so long as you destroy. Good going, ‘lightworker’!)

But, in brief, one of the core things we know about Magic is that it works through Consensus Reality. That’s just a neat-sounding phrase for the idea that it’s easier for us to believe in something that everyone else believes.

Many people believe in Hell.

Few people believe you’ll go there if someone else says you should.

But the actuality is different:

Very few people go to Hell.

But many people are absolutely determined to simulate the Hell-experience as broadly and immediately as possible by making the World both actually worse than it really is, AND seen as far worse than it actually is.

These people usually succeed.

We can go to Hell.

But just to visit them.

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