From one of my first musicals – “Ash”

The first two songs.


…and as we begin, Lilith arrives at Coyote’s door.

“A Lovely Throat”

I have come courting
I have come to do the thing
I have come courting
Though I don’t give a damn about a ring
I have come courting
Belly empty, heart is full
And I am unafraid
Because I’m irresistable

I’ve got a neck made for biting
My eyes are full of lightning
Got a mind deep with sin
And skin that you want to be in;
I’ve got a lovely throat

I demand to be kissed
And I think I know by whom
I know what I want
Now take me up to your room
This is no seduction
It’s a fait accomplit
I know your tastes
And it’s time you tasted me

I’ve got a neck made for biting…

I hope you do not mind
But I have come to be adored
I have come to play some games
I have come to be well-scored

My life has been too straight
I’ve come for you to bend it
I won’t ever be boring
I’ll leave when you spend me
And that will never happen,
my friend

I’ve got a neck…

Coyote meets her as she comes in.

“May I Take Your…”
(Coyote, and then Coyote & Lilith)

Why do we always say
“It’s been a long time”?
Between you and I, it’s always
A long time
So many mistakes separate you and I
For such a long time
Such a long time

And yet every time –
“Been a long time”
It seems we need
Such a long time
To forget something of the harm,
So we can try
One more time
One more time

I didn’t expect to see you
At my door
(That’s why I came in the window)
I didn’t expect to see you
(Place still stinks of sex and gin, though)

You look beautiful
But I never forgot that
(You never change, it’s like I’ve never gone)
May I take your coat, your hat
And everything else you have on?

Why do we always say…

I love the way your eyes accuse
(I love the way your teeth dig in)
I love the way you want to be used
(I love the way you keep me pinned)
I love the way you demand
(I love the way you take me to task)
I love the way you clench your hands
(I love the way you never ask)

Why do we always say…

And we will close the door on the next few hours and give the twain
some privacy.
When they said “door” and “window”, it was poetic license – Coyote’s
now living in a cave. A fact which has not escaped Lilith….

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