Better Bad Poetry Than Good

One might say it’s better to write bad poetry than no poetry.

But this is, in the modern world, a specialized view. The encoded language of poetics has, as Mario Puzo noted, slim chance at impact when you can get the same force from a movie without even half the same pain.

Maybe not even a third.

This is the time for the kind of poetry that burns into your soul, the kind of poetry which would never, ever use a phrase as awkward as “the kind of poetry that burns into your soul”.

But all that poetry’s already been written.

My recommendation?

There’s a lot of terrible poetry out there. Always has been. Some of it has a good beat.

You could read that, but reading’s hard.

My suggestion?

Wait for someone to make it into a song.

Hear it in the background of a commercial for deep-fried junk food.

Enjoy it.

Eat the junk food.

Junk food is delicious.

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