A Flashback To Being 42

I occurs to me that I got everything I wanted for my 42nd birthday, some years back.

Is that a good thing?

In just over a week, I become 42, that most important of all ages of geeks,  at least those who, like me, were influenced by Douglas Adams.

Here’s I want for my birthday:

  1. A gritty Cyberpunk reality.  I was promised that, by now, computers would be overtly trying to take over the world, and large corporations would take over countries, not through subtle financial pressures, but through force of arms.  Let’s go, people!  I want to join the rebellion!
  2. The question to the answer of  “Life, the Universe, and Everything”. To go back to the start, Douglas Adams said that the answer was found and it was the aforementioned “42”, and suggested that we we didn’t understand the question.  I’m going to keep asking questions until I figure it out.
  3. The Post-Apocalypse.  I’ve been practicing so hard.  I’ve been working on maintaining a perfect tan while out in the desert.  I’ve been learning how to spend all day, every day, cautiously pointing a rifle through the rubble which once was major cities.  I’ve been learning how to find the other Last Humans on Earth, and I’m totally ready to hoarde Twinkies like there’s no tomorrow, which there isn’t.
  4. More worlds of imagination.  Because I’ve decided that creating spaces for Steampunks, Faeries, Goths, and Geeks isn’t enough.  I want to make the world a weirder place all day, ever day, and I’m ready to do it.
  5. I do not want a flying car.  I don’t even need a self-driving car.  I just need a very snarky car, like Kitt from Night Rider.  (Which could, yes, self-drive, but that wasn’t the important part.)  I want a witty vehicle which will crack one-liners at me as I cruise through the night, defending the innocent and trying to go on dates with this week’s love interest.
  6. I would really like some more chocolate, please.
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